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Personal Training

Why Personal Training?

  • It is for people who would prefer to train in the comfort of their own home.
  • To gain more individual attention and advice.
  • To help get you started because you have never been shown what to do before and are unsure whether you are doing it correctly.
  • For people who do not like going to the gym as they are not keen to train in front of others or do not particularly like the environment and feel pressured.
  • For you to be personally encouraged and motivated.
  • You have not seen any improvements or changes that you had expected.
  • To reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Personal Training

I design each programme for each individual depending on their specific needs. No session is ever the same. I like to make it professional and fun as well as feeling a sense of achievement at the end. Progression and improvement is as important to me as it is to my clients. I like goals to be reached as quickly as possible but I ensure that each exercise is taught in a safe way to minimise injuries. I train people using functional training techniques. This type of training I find helps people to train more effectively in their chosen sport and/or their everyday living. I specialise in training areas from beginners to advanced such as:

  • Pre/Post Natal Exercises
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Boxercise
  • Endurance training
  • Strength and Power
  • Toning and body fat loss
  • Aerobic fitness


It goes without saying that training and eating well goes hand in hand. You cannot do one without the other. You cannot expect to run a marathon for example on a bag of sweets and a can of a fizzy drink. Then again, you cannot expect to get the most out of your training session by skipping a meal. If you want to lose weight, you have to do it safely and eat a well-balanced diet along with exercise. If you want to train harder, you need to learn the correct foods that will allow you to do this. Nutrition is a vast subject. It does not take just a few lines to write about it. With all my personal training sessions they include nutrition advice. I ask my client to write out a “Food Diary”. This way I can assess what they eat, when they eat it and why. Advice and help is then given. If you eat healthily you will feel so much better. Not just on the inside but on the outside to.


I always hold a consultation before I start to train anyone. This is to establish any important information that I may require such as a person's Medical history, any previous training they have done, any injuries, any dislikes, what they hope to get out of the training and the goals that they hope to achieve. During the consultation, I will also take body fat measurements, blood pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI). This will also be a chance for questions to be asked by both parties before training begins.

Benefits of Personal Training

  • To help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses
  • Reduce anxiety and stress levels
  • To make you feel confident and better about yourself
  • To tone up
  • To lose weight / body fat
  • Have fun
  • To have knowledge on how to eat healthily without going on a diet
  • To reduce the risk of injury in a safe enviroment
  • To have a specific training programme designed for your own individual needs
  • You have not seen any improvements or changes
  • To be able to train in your own home
  • You don’t like going to a gym
  • To help with any muscular imbalances
  • The benefit of exercising on a one to one basis


I am based near Pulborough in West Sussex and most of my clients are within a 12 mile radius (although I will travel further and regularly visit Surrey).

Terms and Conditions

24 hours’ notice must be given if you need to cancel the appointment, otherwise full payment will be charged.

If the client is late, the session will only run up to the pre-arranged time, should I be late, the session will still run for the full hour as long as this is convenient with the client.

Government guidelines state that to reduce the risks of mortality, you should have at least 30 minutes of activity 5-7 times per week

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