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A great year of racing for me which hopefully will allow me to race for GB again in 2024.

Arundel Standard Aquabike - 1st Female

River Arun 3.8k swim (tougest Arun swim yet with a strong current) - 12th/192 female & 8th in my age group

Hever Castle Long Distance Aquabike (3.8k swim & 120k bike) - 1st in my age group and 3rd overall.

New Forest Middle Distance Aquabike (1.9k swim & 90k bike) - 1st in age group and and 5th overall

River Adur 5K swim -  7th in age group and 14th female / 92.


Great to be able to race again.

River Arun 3.8k - Neap tide meaning slightly slower current -1.00.38 - 7th Female

Ironbourne Middle Distance Aquabike - 5th Female

New Forest Middle Distance Aquabike - Beating last years time - 5th Female

River Adur 5k Swim - Cancelled due to sewage pollution !


Another lockdown at the start of the year. Please contact me for online Personal Training. 

Personal Training and Sports Massage can go ahead as of the 12th April - HOORAY !!!

Check out my Tone 2 Perfection facebook page and Instagram page for home workouts whilst gyms are closed

Races that ent ahead :-

July 22 - Hever Castle long distance Aquabike - 2nd Female (and weather was horrendous!)

August 22 - New Forest Middle Distance Aquabike - 2nd Female (beautiful race)



All races on hold at the moment due to COVID-19


Slighly laid back year due to getting married :-) 

River Arun 3.8k - Fastest one yet

Hever Castle Aquabike 1.9k

River Adur 5k - Fastest one yet




This year is an important year as I qualified for the GB Age-Group ETU European Aquabike Championships in Ibiza in October. It will be alot of training and racing up to it.


The Fred Whitton Sportive (no ordinary sportive though) 

Chichester 3.8k swim - 1 hour 5 mins - 2nd in age group


River Arun 3.8k swim - 50 mins  01 sec - 9th / 80 female in my age group 


Hever Castle long distant aquabike - 3rd in age group


Tribal Sports 1.5k very choppy swim - 2nd female

River Adur (not such a fast tide this year) 1Hr 17 Mins - 2nd / 27 female in my age group


Velo south 100 miles - CANCELLED DUE TO BAD WEATHER :-(


27th October - The big race in Ibiza - what an amazing achievement to race for my country. See my Instagram or Facebook for photos.







A tough decision this year - no running because of a persistant injury I cannot shake off - nor can anyone else. Turning the negative into a postive, swim and cycle more and I found races called Aquabikes. Perfect. It consists of a swim and a bike and long distant ones.

Races so far :-

River Arun swim - PB - Knocked 2 mins off my time last year :-). Came 14th/58  and 165/427 Overall

Hever Castle Long Distance Aquabike - 1st in my age group - 6 hours 36 mins - Brutal hills

 New Forest Middle Distance (swim and bike only - friend did the run section) - 6 Hours

River Adur 5k Swim - 1 hour 5 minutes - 1st in my age group - Great event

East Sussex Middle Distance race ( swim and bike - friend did the run) - 5 hours 25 min - 2nd 

Finished for the season - much needed rest 



10k off road races.

River Arun 3.8k Swim - 10th Woman out of 54 (my age group) Overall 117/365

Hever Castle - The Gauntlet Middle Distance Triathlon - 7 hours 4 mins (ohhhh, the hills!!!)

Ride 100 - 6 hours 15 mins with my client that I had coached for this event.

The Hurtleberry off road duathlon - 2nd Lady

New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon - Finished - 7 hours. Puncture on the bike and running with injury (not advised). Completed though :-) - REST NOW.




10K muddy off road races - Lots of them
April - Dunsfold Duathlon - Finished
July - GU Weymouth Middle Distance - Finished in horrendous conditions and picked an injury up !!
August - Xterra UK - Finished and what a tough bike course - Qualified for Hawaii :-) 
September - Challenge Weymouth Middle Distance - Finished Sub 6 hours :-)

June - Spinning Instructors Course- See my Facebook for classes and location
July - Half Ironman - 5 Hours 55
August - Ride 100 (in the torrential rain!!) - 5 hours 15
Xterra World Championships - Qualified for Hawaii
September - Half Ironman - 4th in Age-Group

Off Road 10k Races - Very muddy and snowy ones !!
The Hurtleberry - Off Road Standard Duathlon - 2nd Lady
The Boskham Triathlon - Middle Distance Triathlon - 23rd June - Completed - 8 hours 19 mins
Xterra World Championships Triathlon - September - Qualified in my Age-Group so have earned a place to go to Hawaii to race :-)
RG Active Winter Ballbuster - Completed - 4 hours 8 minutes

Off Road 10k Races
Feb 2012 1 x Mountain Bike Race - 8th Lady
17th June 2012 - 70.3 UK Ironman - Completed. Very tough !!
26th August 2012 - Vachery Off Road Triathlon - Olympic Dist
3rd October - Off-Road Olympic Duathlon


Aim for this year is to complete an Ironman. My biggest ever ambition!
Ironman Switzerland July 2011 - Completed
2 x Half Ironman Races
1 x Olympic Triathlon
2nd Place (Age-Group) British Cross Triathlon Championships
Numerous 10k Off-Road Running races

A broken 5th Metatarsal put a stop to many races this year !!! (ouch-always look where placing one's foot when running!!)
1 x Olympic Triathlon
6th Place - Xtreme Terrain Olympic Triathlon 2010
Not so many 10k Off-Road Running races

3rd Place - Xtreme Terrain Olympic Triathlon 2009 (even when broke 5th Metatarsal!)
1 x Half Ironman Race
2 x Olympic Triathlon

4th Place - Xtreme Terrain Sprint Triathlon 2008
Team Club National Championship Relay's Triathlon
1 x Duathlon
2 x Sprint Triathlons

1 x Duathlon
1st Place - Xtreme Terrain Duathlon 2007

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